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Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2021

Simple Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success

According to "Small Business Trends: 2021," 41% of small businesses surveyed indicated that they have implemented innovative changes in their business due to the COVID pandemic.1 Some changes included hands-free POS systems, increased use of digital marketing, and the addition of new products. "These answers demonstrate how the coronavirus has impacted all industries in a variety of ways and the resilience of small businesses to provide services and products to their customers."1

Looking for ways to grow your business in 2021? Like the small business owners surveyed above, consider pivoting your business strategy to set yourself up for success. Today, we'll share our Top 5 Tips for reaching more customers and (hopefully) increasing profits, including: 

  1. Getting to Know Your Core Customers
  2. Keeping the Home Team Happy
  3. Upping Your Digital Marketing Game
  4. Building Your Email List
  5. Promoting Your Business Through Concise Offers.

1. Getting to Know Your Core Customers
In a Forbes® article, Ashley Stahl says, "With so much competing for our attention, it's more crucial than ever to connect to customers and clients who will have a genuine interest in your products or services....Identify your core demographic and focus your marketing strategy directly on them."2

Stahl explains that it goes beyond developing a simple customer profile though. You need to know more than the targeted age range, gender, geographic area, and income level of your clients. It's important to understand what makes them tick. What are their spending habits? What are their values? What do they get excited about? 

How can you get to know your core customers better?

2. Keeping the Home Team Happy
Great employees provide great customer service, so it's critical to invest in your team. Take steps to hire the right people, provide training opportunities, and create a healthy work environment. According to James Jorner at Entrepreneur
®, "Everyone likes to feel heard. So, it's your job as the business owner to create an environment that allows everyone to share their ideas and opinions on certain things. This can happen at weekly meetings. Implementing this can significantly increase their productivity, which in turn helps your business."4

3. Upping Your Digital Marketing Game
Increasing your digital marketing efforts is a quick and affordable way to reach customers. According to Paige Cooper's article, "43 Social Media Advertising Statistics that Matter to Marketers in 2020," "52% of new brand discovery is happening on public social media feeds."

How can you up your digital marketing game?

4. Building Your Email List
"Email marketing is one of the most effective ways you can build relationships and stay top of mind with your audience," said Link in his article "6 Small Business Lessons for 2021."3 Emails allow businesses to easily connect with customers, educate them on new products and services, and encourage them to make purchases. Your CRM database is one of your greatest tools. Click here for easy ways to build that email list. 

5. Promoting Your Business Through Concise Offers
KISS, the "Keep It Short and Sweet" acronym applies here. Luke Lintz, social media guru, provides some tips on delivering a concise but personal pitch in Ashley Stahl's Forbes
® article:

Since most of us are bombarded with advertising daily, it's important to stand out from the crowd. Keep your promotions concise and personal while demonstrating the value you can provide. 

Hopefully, you've found these Top 5 Ways to grow your business helpful. It's important to know your customers, invest in your employees, increase your social media marketing, continue to build your email list, and promote your business with concise offers. Let's go!

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