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Put the VROOM in Your Video Conferences

Use Technology to Increase Sales for Your Business

Sales leaders are embracing new ways of doing business and it's working. According to Brian Williams' article, "21 Mind Blowing Stats / COVID Edition," "B2B buyers prefer digitally-enabled sales interactions by a margin of 2 to 1." And "Reps have a 94% higher win rate when they turn their video on (during a call)."1

New to video conferencing? Today, we'll share some tips to put the VROOM in your video conferences, help you with meeting etiquette, and get your Zoom® account started. Let's hit the road!

Video Conferencing Tips
What is video conferencing? Basically, it's communication between people that utilizes a device (i.e., phone, laptop, tablet, or computer) to transmit video and audio in near real-time. More and more businesses are using video conferencing to connect with their customers. It's a convenient, safe, and flexible way to share information, collaborate, and effectively communicate with customers or with your distributor to place orders, participate in training and/or get questions answered. And, according to Williams' research, "87% of buyers feel more connected when using video conferencing (vs. a phone call)."

Here are a few tips to make your video conferences seamless and effective. 

Camera Position
Whether standing or sitting, the best position for your camera is at eye level. Angles that are too high or low can feel awkward and look unflattering. Use boxes, stacked books or other sturdy objects to elevate your device if necessary. When using your phone, use a tripod so you are hands-free and steady on your call or conference. 

Natural lighting is the best source of light for your meeting room or space, either from windows, lamps, or overhead lighting. Whatever the source, make sure it illuminates your face and front side rather than creating a halo-like glow from behind.

Check your background to make sure it's tidy and without distractions on camera. Examine your bookshelves, wall art and home
décor  everything that will appear in the frame  to ensure it's work-appropriate. If using a virtual background, make sure it's appropriate and not distracting. Click here to download free virtual backgrounds from Zoom® for your meetings. 

Practice Run
When you learned to drive, did you just get in the car and take off down the road?
 No way! You took the family car out for some practice runs. Before your first video meeting or sales call, practice with a friend or colleague. Test your audio and video quality and explore the navigation tools and features on the Zoom® (or other video conferencing software) screen so you'll be a video conferencing pro. 

Virtual Meeting Etiquette
To make your virtual meetings or sales calls as effective as possible, here are a few "rules of road":

1. Mute your microphone when you're not speaking. Background noise can be annoying and distracting. Just don't forget to unmute when you rejoin the conversation. 

2. Look into the camera lens when speaking instead of at your reflection on the screen. 

3. Invest in ear buds or headphones to reduce feedback and outside noise. 

4. If you're participating in a group call without video, be sure to introduce yourself before you talk. For example, "Hi, it's Kevin, and I have a question."

5. If hosting several guests, select mute upon entry to reduce distractions/noise if someone joins the call late. 

6. If sharing a video, click "Share Computer Sound" before clicking the share screen button. For an emergency mute, hit the space bar on your keyboard. Tricky tip!

Getting Started with Zoom®
Zoom® is the most popular video conferencing platform, according to Ed Bott in his article, "Best Video Conferencing Software for Business in 2021."2 There are other types of software, including Blue Jeans Meetings®, Microsoft Teams®, GoToMeeting® and others. Review the features and see what works best for you and your business. The process for getting started is similar across the board, so let's get started!

Zoom® Basics
The free version of 
Zoom® may be all you need. It allows you to make one-on-one calls without time limits, and group calls for up to 40 minutes. You can pay a monthly fee for Zoom® Pro, which offers additional features and unlimited group meetings. 

Open your Mac or PC laptop browser and sign up by clicking here. Select the "Sign Up, It's Free" button in the middle of the screen. Create your account, login and select
"My Account." 

Account Set Up
There are several options on the left side of the screen. Start by clicking on "Profile," where you can upload your photo, edit your email or password, and make other changes to your settings. There is also the option to
"Sign Out of Zoom®" on all your devices at the bottom of this page. 

Schedule a Meeting
If you select "Schedule a Meeting," it will open a form where you can type the meeting topic and description and set the date and time. Once you've added your meeting details, click the "Save" button. 
Zoom® will provide you with a Meeting ID and a link to share with your invited guests or customers. Just copy the meeting information and paste it into an email or calendar invitation. Send to your participants and you're ready to roll.

Join a Meeting
If asked to "Join a Meeting," the host will provide you with the Meeting ID, a link, and a password (if necessary). Simply click on the link to open the meeting within your browser or 
Zoom® app. 

There is a "Resource" link in the page bar at the top that you can utilize. Or click here for video tutorials and other resources to help you initiate, join, and navigate your video conferences on 

Hopefully, we've helped you "ramp up" to more virtual meetings with customers and more closed sales. Now you know some basic video conferencing tips, meeting etiquette, and how to get started with Zoom®. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the gas, put more VROOM in your video conferencing and increase sales today!

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