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Try It Before You Sell It

Introducing the KeepRite® Personal Use Program

What better way to improve your familiarity with top-of-the-line KeepRite® heating and cooling equipment than by installing it in your own home? The KeepRite Personal Use Program makes it easier than ever to “try before you sell!”


As a KeepRite dealer, you now have the opportunity to purchase KeepRite equipment at reduced prices for your personal residence! This new, comprehensive factory program allows both dealers and distributors to develop first-hand experience before selling our best products. It’s never been easier to put KeepRite equipment in your own home at a subsidized price! 


Program Benefits:    

Further Product Education
Living with KeepRite products furthers the depth and breadth of your understanding of the product line and its benefits.

Build a Personal Testimony
Your personal experience with KeepRite products can be an effective way to build the line’s reputation with consumers because you will be able to attest to their performance with full confidence. 

Drive Your Sales Mix 
Your selling points and conversational skills will naturally increase from your firsthand experience, helping you close the sale more effectively and increase your average ticket price.  

How the Personal Use Program works:


Step 1: Registration

Sign up for a Personal Use Program account at icphvac.myshopify.com after obtaining your HVACpartners ID from your distributor.


Step 2: Approval

Your distributor receives an email to approve your registration request.


Step 3: Order/Payment

Upon account approval, you can now place your order at icphvac.myshopify.com where you will pay for your order via credit card.


Step 4: Confirmation

Your distributor receives an email with order details and confirms its receipt.


Step 5: Fulfillment

Your distributor fulfills your order, triggering a notification to you.


Talk to your distributor MAP today to get started!

Dealer Eligibility 
All U.S. dealers of KeepRite distributor customers are eligible at the distributor’s discretion. Any personnel within the dealership that have sales responsibilities and dealer principals are eligible for the program.

Distributor Eligibility 
All U.S. distributor employees may order if they are a general manager, service manager, branch manager, territory manager, sales manager or principal with the proper role designated in HVACpartners. 

1) Your purchase must be for personal use in your primary residence.
2) If a return is necessary, distributor approval is required and a restocking fee may be charged.