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Online Warranty Registration is the Way to Go!

Help Homeowners Extend the Warranty on Most Products
with Easy Online Warranty Registration
A Few Minutes is All It Takes

You've just sold and installed a new KeepRite® heat pump, furnace, air conditioner, Ion System Control or complete home comfort system. Great job!

But, there's more to it than just selling and installing KeepRite equipment, right? It's important to provide excellent customer service after the sale. And, encouraging your customers to complete the online warranty registration for the KeepRite products they've just purchased is a step in the right direction. Completing the online warranty registration form within 90 days of purchase will help clients extend the warranties on most products. 

Gone are the days of handwritten warranty registration cards, so please do not mail those to the customer care or warranty departments. The good news is that the online warranty registration process is quick and user-friendly. It's also more accurate than handwritten cards. Online registration reduces the likelihood of errors due to missing information or illegible handwriting. 

With a little help from you, their trusted KeepRite HVAC dealer, customers can complete the online warranty registration form in a few minutes (or, you can assist them...hint, hint). Here's how:   

Explain the Importance of Completing the Online Warranty Registration Form
Register online within 90 days of purchase to extend the limited warranty of most KeepRite products by up to an additional five years. It only takes a few minutes using an Internet-connected laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

You can provide excellent customer service by helping the customer register his or her KeepRite products. After installation, get your tablet or laptop, sit down with the homeowner for a few moments, and complete the warranty registration together. Your customers will appreciate the assistance.

Show Customers the Link to the Online Warranty Registration Form
Go to www.KeepRite.com and select the "Registration & Warranty" tab at the top. Click on the "Register Your Product" button. 

Register Your Product Button 

Ensure You Have the Necessary Information to Complete the Online Form
Once you're online and have located the "Register Your Product" link, you'll need the following information to complete the warranty registration form:

Online Registration Form

Need to Make a Modification to the Registration Form?
If you or the homeowner makes an error while complete the online registration (e.g., misspelled name or incorrect address, etc.), you can correct within 90 days of registration. It's easy to fix! 

Click on the "Manage Registration" button once the Product Registration page pops up. Update the information and reprint the ICP warranty registration form. 

Correcting a Registration if Necessary

Completing the online warranty registration form is that easy. In a few moments, you've provided superior customer service for your clients and helped them register the warranties for their KeepRite products. Way to go!