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Tips: Use Your Resources During a Crisis

ICP Resources Create Opportunity in Crisis

Watch the video above to hear Rob Angell, Business Development Manager, ICP, and Ed Sanders, President, Sanders Supply, discuss how Sanders Supply has utilized resources and programs available to them to create opportunity in crisis.  

Below are some of the available resources that can help you during these unprecedented times:

1. Maintain a Robust Company Website.

A relevant company website provides great visibility to your business and helps customers find you. Many potential customers seek out a contractor online first. If you don’t have a company website, those potential customers won’t know you even exist.

Click here for tips to grow your website traffic.

2. Utilize the AdVantageSM program.

The AdVantage program offers numerous marketing resources that remove much of the guess work normally involved in local marketing efforts.  Popular offerings include: 

► Choices Brochure – This brochure helps you to offer your customers heating and cooling options, allowing them to choose the systems that best meets their individual needs. 

Click here for more information on the Choices Brochure from AdVantage.

► Hyper-Local Radius Marketing – Neighbor Network® Plus from AdVantageSM combines direct mail with targeted Facebook video ads. Simply give AdVantage the name and address of a homeowner for whom you just completed a job, and within 24-48 hours they’ll send targeted Facebook video ads to users living in a one mile radius of that homeowner. 

Click here for more information on Neighbor Network Plus from AdVantage.

3. Offer Financing to Your Customers.

During these uncertain times, financing helps customers afford a new heating and cooling system. Financing is more likely than ever to be a key factor in a customer’s final purchase decision. By offering financing, you can:  

► Gain consideration by a larger group of consumers. Customers who need financing won’t consider a heating and cooling dealer who doesn’t offer it. 

► Sell more high-efficiency equipment with more accessories. Customers can afford “more system” with the aid of financing. 

► Increase your close rates. Financing can be a key factor to help close the sale.  

To learn more about enrolling in KeepRite Retail Financing offered through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., click here.

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