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Tips for Creating Opportunity in Crisis

Creating Opportunity in Crisis

Without question, the COVID-19 Pandemic has created numerous challenges for businesses of all types. The heating and cooling industry is no different. Watch the video above to hear Rob Angell, Business Development Manager, ICP, and Ed Sanders, President, Sanders Supply, discuss how Sanders Supply has found creative solutions to overcome some of those challenges and create opportunity in crisis.    

Below are solutions to three challenges you may be facing on a daily basis right now: 

Challenge #1: 
Customers are hesitant to let a technician into their home for a service call. 

For cooling season service calls, you really just need to get into the customer’s yard. Most work required for routine service calls will be done on the condensing unit outside the home. You can call the customer on your cell phone to have them adjust the thermostat as needed and complete all work outside the home. 

For service calls requiring you to enter the customer’s home, let the customer know what safety procedures you have in place, such as excellent hand hygiene and wearing shoe covers, gloves and masks. Ask a member of the household to open doors for you and remove any items blocking the furnace or circuit breaker to minimize touch inside their home.   

Challenge #2:
Customers are wary of in-person meetings to discuss their heating and cooling system needs.

Set up sales calls using a video meeting app. Create an account with a video meeting app like Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, GoToMeeting, or the platform of your preference, and schedule your sales calls through it. Video meeting apps allow you save time commuting while still connecting face-to-face. 

Challenge #3: 
Training and onboarding new employees has been difficult. 

Utilize video meetings apps for internal training and onboarding. Additionally, visit MLCtraining.com for a variety of online training programs. My Learning Center now offers Learning Paths, online training programs tailored to specific roles within the dealership. MLC offers Learning Paths for technicians, service managers, financial operations, marketing managers and more.

To access My Learning Center: 
1. Visit MLCtraining.com and select “Create Account”.
2. Complete the form. Under the question “Additional Branded Access Needed”, select “YES” and provide the brand(s) you are requesting access to and any additional information that would allow My Learning Center to authenticate your access. 
3. Receive immediate access to all non-branded, public content. Once your account and branding have been verified, you will automatically receive access to purchase additional courses. 

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