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Look for Key Details to Win the Next Sale

Take A Closer Look On Your Next Sales Call

When you arrive at a potential customer's home, keep your eyes open. You may observe several clues that can help you build value and win the sale. 

Here are seven examples:

1. If you see a sharp-looking home with a well-manicured lawn, you'll know the customer is interested in the home's appearance. That's your cue to mention how careful your crew will be to clean up after the job and leave the place looking great. This may also provide a great opportunity to mention the maintenance agreements your company offers. Maintenance agreements are designed to keep a customer’s home comfort system in tip-top shape, just like their home’s exterior. 

2. If you notice a customer has a smart doorbell, such as Ring or Google® Nest, or a digital voice assistant, such as Amazon Alexa™ or Google® Home, it may be a clue that they desire the latest and greatest tech out there. You’ll probably want to tell them about all the benefits of an ION System Control, such as remote connectivity and control, intuitive programming and efficient comfort control.

3. If the home is spotless—or you see allergy medications lying on the counter—you might want to suggest the KeepRite® EAICA Air Purifier. It's a key component to your customer's complete HVAC system and provides efficient MERV 13 particle filtration with an electronically enhanced media filter. With its patented germicidal technology, the KeepRite® EAICA Air Purifier has even proven effective against cold and flu viruses. 

4. If the customer is using ceiling fans, it may be an indication of airflow issues. Ask if the homeowner has noticed that parts of the home are warmer or cooler than others and explain how you can put together a system that minimizes that problem.

5. If you notice a smart phone or computer, mention your website and invite the homeowner to check it out.  If you haven’t updated your website in a while, click here for some tips to update it without breaking the bank. 

6. If the family includes small children,the homeowner is probably interested in safety. Be sure to explain the safety features designed into the KeepRite® systems you recommend. 

7. If you notice hardwood floors or antique furniture, you probably should suggest adding a humidifier to the system and explain how it can help protect the homeowner's investment.

As you observe the customers’ homes for clues that may help you build value and win the sale, be sure not to pre-judge the customers themselves. Don’t infer from a customer’s age or personal appearance whether or not they’re interested in high efficiency equipment or hi-tech accessories. Those products likely have wider appeal than you realize. 


Try these ideas on your next sales call to help you close more sales!

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