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Tips on Selling to Building Owners

Show Customers the Benefits of a Planned Replacement Program
for their Commercial HVAC Equipment

According to FacilitiesNet, "Companies nationwide could save roughly $1 billion annually in energy costs by replacing 10- to 20-ton RTUs with units that meet the high performance RTU specification."1 In addition to annual energy savings, building owners could eliminate the significant operating costs associated with running, maintaining and repairing those old, inefficient and potentially unreliable rooftop units (RTUs). So, what's preventing business owners and facility managers from swapping out their aging commercial HVAC units? The likely answer: they may not have a planned replacement program in place. 

Today, let's discuss how you can help your commercial customers develop a planned replacement program using the following tools: 

The Rooftop Energy Savings Calculator
Using data based on ASHRAE® standards, the Rooftop Energy Savings Calculator can demonstrate to building owners and facility managers the estimated cost of operation and the energy savings of replacing old, inefficient equipment. It can even determine the energy costs and payback performance of standard versus high-efficiency or competitor units. 

The Rooftop Energy Savings Calculator requires simple data inputs, simulates eight building types, pulls current energy data, utilizes an Hourly Analysis Program (HAP) calculation engine and has intuitive help screens. You can even create professional reports for your customers showing: the payback period, maintenance/repair costs, total energy savings with graphic displays, detailed energy savings (i.e., fan, cooling, heating), and savings after the payback period for selected RTUs. 

What are the benefits of using the Rooftop Energy Savings Calculator to show customers the costs associated with various new or replacement commercial equipment? 

Click here for more information on the Rooftop Energy Savings Calculator and how you can start using this tool today. 

GreenEnergy Capital, LLC Commercial Financing
Now that we've demonstrated to the customer that a planned replacement plan for their commercial HVAC equipment is necessary (and will likely save them money in energy or maintenance costs, etc. over time), we have to provide them with some options for paying for the new or replacement commercial RTUs. 

ICP Commercial® offers a flexible commercial financing program through GreenEnergy Capital, LLC as one option. They are an independent investment banking firm that provides financial and strategic advice to companies in the renewable energy and clean tech sectors. GreenEnergy Capital can help building owners preserve their capital with flexible terms while reaping the cost saving benefits of a new commercial unit. 

Suggest Financing Options to Your Commercial Customers with Every Quote

 Some of the benefits associated with GreenEnergy Capital financing include: 

Want to know more on this commercial financing option? Contact your distributor for more information on GreenEnergy Capital or email Doug Welch at [email protected].

(Disclaimer: GreenEnergy Capital, LLC is a third-party service provider. International Comfort Products (ICP) is not responsible for the GreenEnergy Capital, LLC financing program or services.) 

Section 179 Tax Relief Cash Deduction
According to Jean Murray's article, What is a Section 179 Deduction?, "Section 179 of the IRS code was enacted to help small businesses by allowing them to take a depreciation deduction for certain assets (capital expenditures) in one year, rather than depreciating them over a longer period of time."2

Under Section 179 of the IRS Code, a building owner could potentially deduct all costs and labor associated with the purchase and installation of their new commercial HVAC equipment in the same year, up to $1 million (after 2018, this amount may be indexed to inflation). This deduction could apply to leased or purchased equipment and could be combined with utility rebates to realize even greater savings. So, be sure to mention this tax relief deduction to your customers as you are assisting them with their planned replacement program. They may not know about this potential tax savings!

Click here to download the ICP Tax Code Flyer to share with your customers. 

Share the Section 179 Tax Code Flyer with Your Customers

(Disclaimer: Business tax deductions are complicated. The information included here is intended for general information only and is not intended to be tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax professional before making business decisions that could affect your tax situation. Each business situation is different and tax regulations change frequently.)

Extended Commercial Warranty Options on Some Equipment
Did you know that ICP Commercial offers customers the peace of mind of a five-year extended parts warranty on all R-series rooftop units (3- to 27.5-ton and 6- to 25-ton split systems)? 

Contact your distributor for additional information on the extended warranties available for ICP Commercial equipment. Here are a few details: 

Use the Rooftop Energy Savings Calculator to demonstrate to the customer that a planned replacement program is necessary and beneficial. Try to include a commercial financing option from GreenEnergy Capital, LLC or other company with your quote. Be sure to mention the Section 179 tax code using the Tax Code Flyer. And, talk with the customer about the available extended warranties on ICP Commercial equipment. Sounds like you're ready to ask for the sale! Set yourself apart from the competition by using these ICP Commercial tools to build your business in the commercial market. 

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