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Your Business Toolbox: Maximizing Resources in Installation Part 2

How Can You Maximize Your Installation Resources?
Part 2

As we discussed in Part 1, finding workers of any kind is difficult, while finding experienced installers is even more of a challenge. In a job market like the one in which we currently find ourselves, maximizing the limited time our installers possess is crucial. 

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BDR has developed a new business strategy called Leveraged to Prime™ to help you make sure you are leveraging all your resources to maximum effect.

Leveraged to Prime: To make investments or improvements to maximize the performance of a resource and achieve superior results.

During part one we looked at the first 3 steps to maximize our installation resources: 

Maximizing Install Step 1: Sell a great job
Leveraging your installers to prime starts by selling a great job because it allows your installers the opportunity to generate significantly more net profit every day. 

Maximizing Install Step 2: Everything ready, every time
Staging jobs for your installers allows them to spend less time in the shop and more time in the field—where they make you money.

Maximizing Install Step 3: Provide training
Just like professional athletes, your installation team needs training to make sure they are achieving peak performance and leveraging your installations to prime.

Take a look at the final 2 steps to leverage your installation team to prime:

Maximizing Install Step 4: Solve recurring callbacks

BDR defines a callback as “a non-revenue generating trip to a customer to fix a problem or complete a task that was not finished properly during the original installation or service call.” 

Callbacks force you to send someone back to a job. Remember the example cost of an hour at $325? Callbacks double that cost because you must spend an additional hour fixing a job that could have been spent installing a new one. Now you’re potentially looking at $650 lost! 

To leverage each installation to prime, it’s critical to stop recurring callbacks. The first step is to identify these recurring problems. Take some time to review recent installations for issues. Or just ask your team. They’ll likely know the issues right away and be eager to help get them fixed.

Once you’ve identified the recurring callbacks, gather your team to come up with a solution together. You can’t do this top-down. If your team helps create the solution, they’ll own it and implement it. Write down or record the solutions so the team will have a reference in the future.

Identify recurring callbacks, work with your team to develop solutions and you’ll be on your way to leveraging your installations to prime.

Maximizing Install Step 5: Reward a job well done

As your team improves and your installations move closer to prime levels, be sure to reward your team on a job well done. This will reinforce new practices and provide incentives for great repeat performances in the future. 

Consider offering a spiff to your install team if they complete an installation without any callbacks. You can have your salesperson set this up with the homeowner during the sale. 

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith, anytime our installation team completes a customer’s job without mistakes and without having to go back to fix or finish something, we give them a reward. This is one way we make sure we complete a great job with no hassles for you.”

Develop a procedure to have the customer sign off on a job well done after the installation that will be your trigger to provide the spiff to the install team for that job.

Another option is to provide a spiff to the install team if a referral is generated. After all, no one is likely to refer your company if your installers don’t do a great job. Most likely the installers played a key role in earning that referral.  

Reward your team to reinforce the actions that will leverage your installations to prime. 

Leverage Each Installation to Prime

Today, there aren’t enough workers to go around. Maximize the ones you have by:

1. Selling a great job.
2. Having everything ready, every time.
3. Training your team.
4. Solving recurring callbacks.
5. Rewarding a job well done.

Remember, success in business is about the journey, not the destination. It will take time to reach your goals. Keep working on the 5 steps described above and you’ll quickly be Leveraging Every Installation to Prime.

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