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Learn How to Sell to Different Generations

Selling to Different Generations

Do you use the same sales pitch and marketing tactics with every customer? 

If you use a one size fits all sales approach, you may find that you could close more sales by tailoring your approach based on a customer’s generation. 

The differences between generations are not as simple as age and life stage. Members of different generations were raised in different eras, and may consequently possess different desires, attitudes and levels of tech-savviness. Members of different generations may interact differently with you both in person and online. You will likely find that what is important to one generation may matter very little to the next one, and strategies that work with one generation do not work with another. 

So let’s take a look at the four main generations you will encounter in the field today: 

This generation is the smallest of the four. Members of the Silent Generation were born after World War 1, but were not old enough to participate in World War 2. They were raised during or shortly after the great depression. They generally possess conservative values and a sense of duty and loyalty. They are hard-working but may be intimidated by technology. This group has reached retirement age and most of them have already retired. 

Tips to sell to the Silent Generation:

This generation was born immediately following World War II, from 1946 through 1963. They currently hold the most disposable income of any generation alive today.2 Some have begun to retire, while others have either not yet reached retirement age or plan to continue working well past it. 

Tips to sell to Baby Boomers:

This generation is self-reliant, skeptical and far more tech-savvy than previous generations. While significantly smaller than either the Baby Boomers before them or the Millennials after them, this demographic should not be ignored.

Tips to sell to Generation X:

This newest generation is now the largest and also most diverse one. A highly social group, they are typicallly extremely educated, family-focused, and optimistic. They grew up with technology and use it constantly. They are just now entering their peak spending years and are anticipated to have the greatest lifetime value of any previous generation.5

Tips to sell to Millennials:

It’s important to remember that a customer’s age isn’t everything when it comes to their desires and preferences. However, keeping a customer’s generation in mind as you interact with them will provide you with a good starting point for building trust and making sales.  

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