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Your Business Toolbox: Maximizing Your Resources in Sales Part 1

Maximize Each Sales Appointment by
Offering Equipment Choices and Accessories

Why do we need to maximize our resources in sales?

We all have limited time and resources. Success in business involves making sure you maximize both. 

Ask yourself: 
Are my people, trucks and tools as productive as they can be?
Am I making the most of every sales appointment?

BDR has developed a new business strategy called Leveraged to Prime™ to help you make sure you are leveraging all your resources to maximum effect.

Leveraged to Prime: To make investments or improvements to maximize the performance of a resource and achieve perfected results.

Leveraged to Prime was born out of the current labor shortage. The Department of Labor reports that unemployment is under 4% and there are as many job openings as there are unemployed workers. If we can’t find workers, we have to make sure we are doing everything we can to retain our existing workers and make them as productive as they can be. This starts with selling the right types of jobs.

A business must be profitable to pay workers, provide growth opportunities, and compensate the owner. Profitability begins with sales. Each sales appointment is an opportunity that we can leverage to prime. We achieve this goal not through “sales,” but by building trust during the sales process and informing, offering, and educating each customer. Let’s look at four steps to maximize the value of every sales appointment:

Maximizing Sales Step 1: Offer Equipment Choices 

Today, consumers expect to be offered choices and informed about available products. We aren’t doing our job if we only provide them one system choice. BDR recommends offering four choices—a good, better, best, fantastic approach. 

Why four choices? Studies have shown that if you offer four choices, 10% will buy at the Fantastic level, 40% will buy at the Best level, 40% will buy at the Better level, and 10% will buy at the Good level.1

Compare our approach to only offering one choice. That’s simply a yes or a no decision. By offering choices you will not only be informing the customer and building trust, you will also be raising the amount of your average sale.

If you’re not offering choices today, start small. Begin by offering two choices and work your way up to four. Top dealers today offer four choices in high efficiency equipment and then have four choices in their value line for budget-conscious customers.

Leveraged to Prime Goal: 50%+ sales in high efficiency equipment.

Maximizing Sales Step 2: Offer Accessories

The average dealer doesn’t offer a wide range of accessories. So when you offer accessories, you will be separating yourself from your competition while also positioning yourself for increased profits. Selling accessories can be the difference between a profitable job and an unprofitable one. 

BDR recommends developing an accessory brochure with 10 products. Don’t overload your brochure with product features. Instead, include product descriptions that use customer-friendly language. Focus on communicating the benefits of the product from the customer’s perspective, such as improved energy savings, cleaner air, and enhanced safety. 

If you’re not currently offering accessories, start small. Offer 3-5 products and work your way up to 10. If you offer financing, be sure to include the monthly payment for each accessory.

Leveraged to Prime Goal: 2+ accessories sold per job.

Leverage Each Sales Appointment to Prime 

Today, every business must maximize each available resource. By applying a Leveraged to Prime mindset to every sales appointment, you can ensure you will be achieving the best possible results. 

Consider attending BDR’s 1-day Successful Sales for HVAC course, which goes into detail on all the topics covered in this article and provides you with pre-built implementation plans. 

Be sure to check back soon for more steps to maximize the value of every sales appointment in Maximizing Your Resources in Sales Part 2.

About the Author: 
Scott Tinder is a BDR Trainer and Instructional Designer. He leads BDR’s Successful Sales for HVAC, Successful Service for HVAC, PreWall 1: 4 Steps to $1 Million in Revenue, and Wall 1: 6 Steps to $3 Million+ in Revenue courses.

About BDR:
BDR is the premier provider of business training and coaching services to HVAC contractors. BDR is an authorized training provider for International Comfort Products.


1Carl Shapiro and Hall R. Varian. Versioning: The Smart Way to Sell Information. Harvard Business JournalNovember/December 1998.